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You can write us an email and we will answer you in less than 24 hours.

Mi cuenta Gocar

If you have ever shopped at Gocar before, before creating an online account you must contact the company to provide you with a login. All your current terms and conditions will be synchronized for orders placed through the website.

To create an account on our website go to “Login” and click on the “New User” button to register.

Enter your name, e-mail address and a password. Once you have accepted the Privacy Policy, Gocar will send you an email with a welcome message to our online platform. However, for security reasons, your password will not be included. We recommend that you use your own email address, rather than paid email accounts to which you will not have access.

Be sure to keep your username and password for future visits to our website.

It is mandatory. Having an account has many advantages, such as:

  • Saving all your personal information, avoiding having to re-enter your details each time you return to shop.
  • Save as many shipping addresses as you want to order online.
  • Use the BOM (Bill of Materials) tool.
  • View your order history.
  • Track your shipments.
  • Print copies of packing slips and invoices.
  • Easily reorder previously ordered products.

If you forgot your password you can request it by clicking on the “Recover Password” link on the login page.

This option is valid both to change your password and to recover a forgotten password.

The different shipping addresses are stored in the customer profile and can be used for each individual shipment. However, for security and customer data protection reasons, your payment information is not retained.

You will need to provide this information for each order.

Log in to your Gocar account.

At checkout you have the option to use your existing address or add a new shipping address that will be saved for future orders. You can add an unlimited number of addresses to your address book.

You can view all your shipping addresses by logging into your company profile.

Shipping addresses cannot be modified.

At Gocar we currently do not have this online option. It is not possible to make any change of fiscal data in the client’s profile without prior consent of the company’s managers.

You can contact us by e-mail at or by calling + 34 91 367 09 92.

Ordering information

If you have already purchased from Gocar Electronic, before creating an online account you must contact the company to provide you with a user. All your current terms and conditions will be synchronized for orders placed through the website.

If Gocar Electronic has not yet contacted you to provide you with your access data and place orders online, you must send an email to, so that they can provide you with your credentials.

To place an order on our website you need to register and create an account with your email address. Just “LOG IN” and locate the “New User” section, let yourself be guided by the page to complete the process successfully.

If you have already registered and have an account, you only have to LOG IN and follow the steps explained on the web.

No, you can place your order online, and at the moment of the payment you will have to select the conditions established in Gocar that will appear on your screen: money order, confirming, transfer, etc.

If you wish, you can also pay by credit card.

The online shopping system is already configured with your usual payment conditions in Gocar Electronic.

At the top there is a search engine with a dropdown that will show you four options:

“Gocar reference” if you know our reference, it is enough to type it.

“Customer reference” is the most effective way to narrow down the search for the desired product just by typing your own code.

“Manufacturer reference” you can type the complete manufacturer reference, or part of the code if you don’t remember it; the search engine will find all matches in our database.

“Description” will help you to find a product that contains one of your attributes.

Yes, you can select the date on which you need to receive each of the lines of your order, with a maximum of up to 6 months.

Yes, to repeat an order you must position yourself in the ORDERS section and with the help of the filter locate the order you need to duplicate.
In the order line, you will find a button that will put the products in your cart again.

The reorder will transfer the quantity and customer reference provided in the original order.
If the order address does not match, you can add or select a new shipping address. The order number must be rewritten.
You must be attentive to the notifications that you will receive during the process, as there may be variations in prices.

The first time you place an order, a company profile is generated with your different shipping addresses. This profile is located in the upper right corner.

If you need to change your fiscal data, please contact us at

For security reasons your payment information is not saved.

During the checkout process, you have the option to enter a new shipping address different from the billing address, or choose an address already saved from previous purchases.

To add an address, you can either save the one you are using in the checkout process, or add a new one; look for the “new address” button and fill in the data. This new address will be saved in your user profile and can be used for future orders.

You can edit the shipping address, but not the billing address without prior consent from the company’s management.

To add a new shipping address, you must place a new order, it cannot be edited from the customer profile.

Orders for out of stock products are not allowed. You can request a quotation and you will be informed about new prices and delivery times.

If the reference you need is not available on our website please send an email to

To see how many products are in the cart you have to position over the cart, it is reflected in numbers the items you are adding.

No, all shipments are free of charge and the minimum order is 100 euros.

Domestic shipments are made by TNT 24 Hours Service. If you need any additional priority in your delivery, please contact, and we will inform you if your zip code has that possibility.

If the problem you are experiencing is not addressed in the FAQ topics, you may contact our IT department


When you log in, you will find your cart in the same situation as when you last logged in. You can continue to add items, and checkout at any time you wish.

The website will notify you if there have been any price or inventory changes at checkout.

Yes, we provide date of manufacture, year and week, lot and marking of all our parts, the traceability is complete.

A custom reel or Gocar reel is a continuous length of tape cut from a single reel to maintain lot and date code traceability. The tape is wound on a plastic reel that meets Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) standards. There is an extra charge for each customized reel. They are non-returnable, non-cancelable.

Cut tape is an unmodified reel of continuous tape as received from a manufacturer. Shipped in an ESD or MBB bag. It is non-cancelable and non-returnable.

A tube is a rigid extruded plastic package that is designed to fit the profile of the part. Tubes are shipped with the exact quantity of parts ordered and a rubber stopper is placed at each end to prevent parts from slipping.

The trays are generally made of plastic. JEDEC trays are slotted to allow air to pass through vertically and are rated to withstand 140°C minimum so that the parts can be dried in industrial ovens. The trays are stacked and include a beveled corner to indicate pin one orientation.

Tubes, reels and trays are packaged in accordance with ESD and MSL protection requirements as determined by the manufacturer.

Static shielding moisture barrier bags (Moisture Barrier Bag) are designed to protect the contents against moisture and ESD events. In addition to the bags, we use release pouches and moisture indicator cards to achieve adequate moisture protection.

Once the purchase process is completed, the website will send you a notification that your order has been received. If you log into your account, you will find a copy of the order.

As soon as it is processed for shipment, you will receive an email with a copy of the packing slip, tracking number and invoice.

In addition, if you wish, all these documents are stored in your account through our website, so you will have access to them for a maximum period of 2 years.

Gocar can accept orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through

Telephone orders can be placed during business hours from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

To obtain a quotation for one or more out-of-stock items use the Quotation link, and add lines, quantities and delivery dates by clicking on the “request quotation” button.

Customers are responsible for paying all applicable VAT charges.

Methods of payment

If your account is linked to an already credit-enabled account, you can place your orders against that account, and benefit from the agreed financing conditions.

You can also register on the website and place orders with VISA and PAYPAL credit card payments.

Only EURO is available.

VISA, Mastercard

For your convenience, Gocar can provide deferred payment options for your company.

  • You will benefit from placing your order today, and paying within the established deadlines.
    Different buyers can use your company’s deferred payment account.
    Possibility to pay several invoices by making a single payment for all of them.
  • Upon receipt of your request we will process it quickly and, in most cases, we can approve it the same day.
  • If approved, you will receive an email indicating your credit limit and payment terms.
  • Credit limits depend on Crédito y Caución’s references and rating.

Apply for credit at

Gocar Electronic can accept wire transfers to our bank account. For orders awaiting funds, we will hold stock for the order for 7 working days. Orders will be cancelled after these 7 days if funds have not been received.

Shipping, tracking and invoice

To check the status of your order, go to the Orders section and select the order you are interested in. On the left side there is a drop-down menu that will inform you of the current status of your order.

The tracking number will be sent in the status updates of your order. Also in the “Delivery notes” section you will be able to find the tracking information for your package. This is a link to the carrier’s website.

When your order is shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email that includes a link that will take you directly to the carrier’s website so you can track your order online.

There are several reasons why your order may be delayed, including:

  • The address, as entered, cannot be used for delivery or necessary information is missing.
  • Payment has not yet been received by bank transfer.

If you have any questions about the status of your order, you can contact us at or by calling +34 91 367 09 92.

We try to fulfill orders within 24 business hours, as long as the order is placed within our warehouse hours, from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. If orders are received outside of warehouse hours, they will be prepared and shipped the following day. Transit time is 24 hours from pick up by the carrier.

Shipments are made by TNT Standard 24-hour service.

It is possible to place an order with express delivery. To access this option it is necessary to contact our professionals or by calling +34 91 367 09 92.

This shipping method will have an additional cost. Not all zip codes have access to this delivery within a certain time range.

Gocar Electronic cannot deliver to post office boxes.
We only deliver to physical addresses. Therefore you must enter a street number and a name for your address.

If the tracking information indicates that the package is being returned, or if the address is incorrect, it may be considered undeliverable by the carrier. When the carrier returns an undeliverable package, the package will be reshipped to the customer at the customer’s expense. Please contact or call +34 91 367 09 92.

To obtain these three documents you should check your email, as Gocar Electronic will send you copies as your order progresses or you can print these documents from the web sections Orders, Delivery Notes and Invoices where they will be stored for up to 2 years.

Gocar Electronic does not allow to change the shipping address once the order has been shipped.


Returns are normally accepted if made within 21 calendar days of shipment. If you wish to request the return of an order, please follow the instructions below:

  • You must complete the form found in the Return Merchandise Authorization Request section. Once submitted, a company representative will contact you to confirm whether your request has been authorized or declined. If your request is accepted, a Return Merchandise Authorization or RMA number will be sent to you.
  • Please attach the RMA number to the outside of the package. Product returns without a RMA number will not be accepted.
  • Do not remove our product identification labels. Keep your original packaging and store according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you receive an order that has been approved for return, please try not to open the box.

If your order is missing an item, you have received the wrong device or the wrong number of units, please submit your order number and all relevant details by creating a new case with customer service

If the return has been approved, and according to the return terms everything is correct, you will be refunded by transfer the amount indicated on the corresponding invoice. Please refer to our Return Policy.

If the tracking information indicates that the package is being returned, or if the address is incorrect, it may be considered undeliverable by the carrier. When the carrier returns an undeliverable package, the package will be reshipped to the customer at the customer’s expense. Please contact or call +34 91 367 09 92

Our carrier always makes three delivery attempts.

The refund of the amount paid will be made within 24 hours of receipt of the returned goods in our warehouse.

The Company operates on a 21 calendar day return basis. For a return to be accepted on this basis, the Goods must be returned for receipt by the Company within 21 calendar days of dispatch. The Customer must return the Goods to the Company at the address notified to the Company in writing, clearly indicating the Customer’s account number, order number and RMA on the outside of the package.


Solo si se devuelve Mercancía después de los 21 días naturales por cualquier motivo, la Compañía podrá no aceptar o aceptar dicha devolución a su total y entera discreción. Si se acepta la devolución por la Compañía, se cargarán gastos de devolución de 20% sobre el valor del material con un mínimo de 10€.

La Compañía también aplicará este baremo cuando la devolución se produzca por un error del Cliente, incluso cuando se realice antes de 21 días.

Any antistatic Goods or moisture-sensitive components supplied in sealed packaging may not be returned if the blister or “easy-open” packaging in which they were shipped has been opened, tampered with or damaged.


Returns are not processed for those products for which special Gocar Reel or custom reel packaging has been requested.

Returns are also not accepted for lines that are cut tape.

In order for a customer to return products, the customer must certify that the products were purchased from Gocar and have not been replaced in whole or in part with a product from another supplier, distributor or any other possible source of such product. The return must be in the original, unused package.

Products sensitive to ESD or moisture will only be accepted for return if the original packaging in which they were shipped by Gocar has not been opened.

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Gocar Electronic is an independent semiconductor distributor.

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