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Revolutionizing rainforest protection: How artificial intelligence and solar devices help save the world’s forests

Rainforest Connection uses artificial intelligence and solar-powered Guardian devices to monitor and protect rainforests around the world. The devices transmit live sound recordings from the rainforests, which are then analyzed by AI to detect threat sounds, such as chainsaws. When a threat is detected, rangers are alerted and directed to the site, allowing them to monitor and protect larger areas without risk. To date, Rainforest Connection has deployed more than 500 of these devices in 30 countries, with projects active in 25 countries. In addition to monitoring threats, the devices are also used to track biodiversity, such as the presence of various animal species.

Rainforest Connection has collected more than 92 million minutes of sound recordings in recent years, including numerous recordings of threatened and endemic species. These recordings are valuable for scientific research and for informing conservation efforts on the ground. In the future, Rainforest Connection plans to equip some of its Guardian devices with Infineon’s XENSIV PAS CO2 sensor, which will allow the devices to “smell” as well as “hear.” This will allow Rainforest Connection to link sound recordings with other data, such as temperature, humidity, ozone and CO2 levels, to gain more information about forest health and identify areas in need of protection. Rainforest Connection has already deployed ten of these enhanced devices in Brazil, where they have provided valuable biodiversity data. The teams are also exploring the use of advanced sensors to detect forest fires.