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Spain's Green Energy Challenge

Spain’s Green Energy Challenge

Spain is facing a critical challenge in its transition to green energy as it risks losing a significant portion of its renewable production due to a lack of battery storage. According to a recent report by PwC and Ciemat, presented by…

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Broadcom planea generar unos 500 empleos

Broadcom’s Spanish Expansion

Broadcom, the chip giant, has unveiled ambitious plans to establish a wafer processing factory in Spain, potentially generating 500 job opportunities and injecting a staggering $1 billion (€920 million) investment into the country’s semiconductor and microelectronics industry. According to sources within…

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Shape-Shifting Touch Tech

Picture an iPad that goes beyond traditional functions—with a surface that morphs and deforms, enabling 3D designs, interactive haiku, and even virtual hand-holding. This vision is the brainchild of engineers from the University of Colorado Boulder. In their latest study, they’ve…

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Baterías de lithio flexible

Flexible lithium batteries

Researchers at the University of Houston have made a remarkable discovery by unveiling a prototype fabric-based lithium-ion battery that has the potential to revolutionize wearable technology. The key to this breakthrough lies in the innovative use of a silver conductive fabric,…

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The next frontier in efficiency and performance

In the field of power electronics, the rise of gallium nitride (GaN) has been extraordinary. With more than a decade of mass production, GaN on silicon has gained widespread acceptance as the superior successor to the aging silicon MOSFET for voltage…

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Spanish ambitious energy targets

In a significant step towards the energy transition, Spain’s Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (Miteco) presented on Wednesday the draft update of the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan (Pniec 2023-2030). This ambitious plan sets new goals to…

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Tesla breaks off negotiations with Spain

In an unexpected twist, Tesla, the renowned electric car company, has decided to rule out Spain as a possible location for its next European factory. This news has generated a great stir in the Spanish automotive industry in recent weeks. As…

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Chip Development Revolution: Modeling & Simulation Lead

In the dynamic world of chip development, modeling and simulation have emerged as indispensable tools, tackling the challenges posed by tighter process specifications, shrinking process windows, and cutthroat competition to introduce groundbreaking technologies to the market. The journey from chip design…

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Arrow Electronics creates robotics Center of Excellence

Arrow’s Robotics Center Launch

In a move to propel the development of automation solutions across industries, Arrow Electronics and its subsidiary, eInfochips, have announced the establishment of a cutting-edge Robotics Center of Excellence (COE). This collaborative initiative aims to accelerate the time to market for…

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Elmos to sell its Dortmund wafer fab to Littelfuse

Elmos & Littelfuse: Wafer Fab Sale

Elmos Semiconductor and Littelfuse, two leading semiconductor companies, have announced a significant development in the form of a definitive agreement regarding the sale of the Elmos wafer fab at the Dortmund site to Littelfuse. This strategic move is expected to have…

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