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ASML and Valqua: Key Players in Semiconductor Industry

The semiconductor industry is one of the most complex and sophisticated industries in the world. The creation of semiconductors is a process that requires a combination of advanced technologies, techniques, and expertise, all of which are critical to ensuring the production…

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Tech Legend Gordon Moore Dies

The tech world is mourning the loss of a true giant in the semiconductor industry. Gordon Moore, the co-founder of Intel and a pioneer in the field of technology, passed away on March 24th, 2023 at his home in Hawaii. Moore…

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Nexperia’s 80/100V ASFETs

Nexperia, a leading global semiconductor company, has recently announced the release of its first-ever 80 V and 100 V application-specific MOSFETs (ASFETs) for hotswap with an enhanced safe operating area (SOA) in a compact 8×8 mm LFPAK88 package. These brand-new ASFETs…

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TSMC Challenges Intel for Most Valuable Semiconductor Brand in 2023

The Brand Finance Semiconductor 20 2023 report reveals TSMC is closing in on Intel for the title of most valuable semiconductor brand. Although Intel still holds the top spot with a brand value of $22.9 billion, TSMC’s value increased by 5%…

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New Sound Chip Tech

Physicists at Delft University of Technology have developed a new technology on a microchip that combines two Nobel Prize-winning techniques for the first time. This breakthrough could lead to high-precision position measurements in opaque materials, such as underwater or for medical…

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Fab equipment spending to recover

According to SEMI, global spending on front-end fab equipment is expected to decline by 22% YoY to USD 76 billion in 2023, down from a record high of USD 98 billion in 2022. However, SEMI predicts that spending will rebound in…

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Onsemi introduces new 1200V IGBTs

Onsemi introduces new 1200V IGBTs for efficient power management

Onsemi, a leading provider of power management solutions, has recently introduced its latest range of 1200 V Trench Field Stop VII (FS7) IGBTs. These devices are designed to improve efficiency in fast switching applications, particularly in energy infrastructure applications such as…

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Huawei’s 5.5G milestone

Huawei’s President of Carrier BG, Li Peng, delivered a speech at MWC Barcelona 2023 Day 0 Forum, highlighting how 5G is leading to a smart world and how the next step towards 5.5G will be critical to achieving this goal. Li…

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Robotic dogs at MWC

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona continues to be one of the most prominent events in the world of technology. Although many of the companies that attend the fair no longer reserve their launches for the event, and come with…

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Flag of USA on a processor, CPU Central processing Unit or GPU microchip on a motherboard. Congress passes the CHIPS Act of 2022 to strengthen domestic semiconductor manufacturing, research and design.

Microchip war 3.1 imminent

China and the United States are in a tense situation regarding the technology sector, following recent incidents involving Chinese “weather” balloons and news suggesting that China could militarily assist Russia in its war against Ukraine. At the center of these tensions…

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